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I made a post on my Tumblr about international fans and music. I include some amazing videos of Kpop fans at concerts. Like music brings us all together no matter the language or genre or where any of us are from. Music ignites a passion in us all, and we are all a fandom family because of that. Just want to say I appreciate every single one of you who shares my love for music, especially for Kpop. <3 I posted the link to my full post, but mainly check out the videos of our fellow fans at concerts.. <3 breath taking. I'll post them here too tho ;)
Super Junior fans, ELF, singing their song Marry U...does it get any better than moments like this? <3
BigBang fans, VIP, in London singing together BEFORE the concert even starts <3 ... beautiful
BTS fans, ARMY, singing Miss Right to the boys in Dallas during their US tour~ <3 language "barriers" can't stop us, the fans
Day6 just made their debut not long ago, yet they have so many fans already and can sing along so well, even when the boys get too emotional to sing, the fans keep singing for them <3 Its moments like this I think artists really treasure
there are so so so many more too! Artists need us, the fans. And we, the fans, need the artists. Music is what brings us together and ignites our passion together!