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(His POV) I looked down at our clasped hands as she slept. I never felt peace like this before. I look at her sleeping head in Tim's lap. He stopped crying a while ago. He has been telling us stories of (y/n) going around and saving the under dogs from bullies using words. But he also regals us with tales of her clumsiness. My favorite story he has told me thus far is (y/n) habit of making everyone feel loved and included even if it is as simple as her telling someone their eyes are beautiful. This girl has such a beautiful soul after so much heart break. She begins to stir and unclasps our hands. She stretches one arm above her head while taking the other and wiping drool of her mouth. She sits up and smiles. She wraps her arms around Tim's neck and the stirring of jealousy begins. **I'm sorry I drooled on you again Tim, ** she says. He laughs and it transforms his face which in turn makes her smile more. *Girl, I am use to it at least this time its on clothes and not my chest.* **One time that happened, Will I not ever live that down?** *Probably not, Mom took a picture of us sleeping on the couch with your mouth wide open and me with my arm behind my head and one sock off my foot on the coffee table* Tim says. She laughs **Really, I think your Mom took that picture for blackmail against us,** Her laughter is adorable. (your POV) I woke from my nap and realized I drooled all over Tim once again. We joke about it. Then I remember all the guys are here and especially my crush Choi Seung-hyun. I feel my face go up in flames and then I remember I gave Tim to tell the important stuff about me to them. I am even more self conscious. I turn to look at all of them and especially Seung-hyun. **Ok, I know you got the cliff note versions of my life story and if you dont want to be friends I completely understand,** as I bite my lip afraid to look but do. *Are you crazy?* they all say in unionson. I stare at them in confusion. *Our opinion does not change about you. In fact we think you are courageous and strong* says Jiyong. I look to each and everyone of the boys for confirmation. They each shake their head in agreement all but Seung-hyun he just looks at me. I am about to cry when I feel him grab my wrist and pull me across Tim to him in an embrace. He hugs , me tightly. *You are amazing, strong, and utterly beautiful. I hope you never forgrt that. We will always be here for you and keep your secrets,* as he runs his one hand through my hair. He releases me and looks at me and flashes me his smirk. I have tears wanting to leak out but instead I smile. I turn to Tim with my hands open.. He laughs. Pulls the gym bag over and hands me presents from the states. I smile. I open the ones from my little sister and she included cards from my family in ohio. I tear up but smile reading each card, especially the poem my dad wrote me. I ball hysterically and someone comes up behind me and wraps their arms around me. its been three years since I saw dad and my older siblings, my nephew and I have a pretty little niece now as well. I stop crying but the arms are still around me. I notice they are seung-hyuns arms. I turn and smile at him. I pat his arm and tell him it is ok. I show tim the cards and pics of my family. I move on to the friend gifts. One is a photo album from Jordan with a note that he included a picture of TIM in his halloween outfit that I did not want to miss. I look through the album and they are candid photos taken of me. I look sad in a lot of them and he captions each photo. One of photo of me is with little kids and I have a bright smile, another is me listening to music but my eyes are haunted. The other is me writing in my journal and stopping to take a minute to think. Tim looks over and asks who took all these. I answer him and he scoffs... *Seriously, are you still Jealous over Jordan? Whatever he gets me and has always been there Tim? I can have more than one guy best friend. Besides he jealous of you too. Now tell me what did you go as for Halloween?* I ask as I turn to the last page of the alabum and burst out laughing. **(y/n) I think I am going to seriously kill him. Yes I dressed up as Picolo from Dragon ball but I ended up looking like the green giant instead.** My sides hurt so much from laughing as my phone rang. I look down and it was Jordan.. *Cello** I say instead of hello. ** I see you found the oic and like my gift.** *You will indedd be a famous photographer one day but stop using me as a subject it skeeves me out. What do I owe this expensive phone call for, my lovely sidekick, and fellow musketeer?** I smirk at the annoyance on Tim's face. Jordan goes on to explain how tonight is my challenge against Mike on who can hack the school system the fastest and that mostly everyones odds are on Mike. I told him to place a $200 bet for myself on me. he said done. I hung up looked at Tim. *So tim for this hacking challenge did you vote Mike or me?* He looks offended. **You of course.** I fist bump him. The boys look at us in confusion. I explain that I hack my school system in Florida every couple of months telling them where they need to beef up security. In this time Mike my fellow hacker and I do bets on who will get in first. He has beat me one time and that was when I had the flu. They look impressed. I notice the time. I asked the boys if they needed to get to training. They all look down and say shit and run out the door. I wave after them. I look at Tim, he opens his arms. I crawl into his lap and cry into his shoulder as his arms go around me. I cry for a good ten minutes.I stop crying and look at him. *I never cry in front of Jordan. I cry only with you. I let you see my very soul. Dont get jealous anymore it breaks my heart. I love you Timothy but like I love my brothers. I can fight with you, laugh with you, joke with you, call you names and know you will be there when I need you. I just can't love you like a boyfriend because then when we break up you wont be in my life anymore, but an everlasting scar on my heart. I am sorry for being a scar on your heart but I now have a corner of my heart where you will reside with my family for always.* He looks at me with sad eyes. Shakes his head and stands up while holding me and spins us around in a circle real fast. then stops abruptly. **(y/n), I rather be in your life as family then nothing at all. First loves are never a scar but a cherished memory. So you will always be special. Are you ready for a horror movie night or a disney movie night?** He sets me down *Why cant Disney make some Horror movies? Just think of that new niche they could have? But a horror movie night it is.* he laughs as we walk out.
The next morning I hack into my school system back in Florida within 45 minutes and won the bet. I was smiling on my way to school. Tim walked with me to the gate singing yellpw submarine just like good old times... I turn wave goodbye to him. He yells after me to have a good day drawing the eyes of many students. *Its going to be a great day because you sang the Beatles with me you Dork!* I turn and walk to class but notice Seung-hyun in front of me. I smile at him. *(y/n) do you think we can hangout just the the two of us after the last final next week?* he looks away shyly. I reach up and place my hand on his cheek and turn his head towards me. With the biggest smile on my face *I would love too,* and stand up on my tippy toes and give him a quick hug around his neck. I part from the hug and look down at my watch and head off to class. (His POV) I could hear her before I saw her. She was singing the Beatles. She must be in a good mood. I am gathering all my courage to ask her on a date. I am worried she'll say no but according to Him; her best friend, Tim last night she likes me. I like her too. I hear her good bye to him. She turns around and her smile grows bigger as she sees me. I walk up her. *(y/n) do you think we can hangout just the the two of us after the last final next week?* I look away nervously. Then an amazing thing happens. She reaches up and cups my cheek making, me turn my head to focus on her. Her smile beams so brightly at me and I almost miss her response as I felt her arms go around me again. As she walks away to class her words finally registered in my brain. *I would love too,* she said. Her hug like last night felt like the warmest and most perfect place in the world. My face was hurting from my biggest and silliest grin ever. I feel like the world will become my playground. (Her PoV) The next two weeks passed in a blur. Studying for my finals here, finishing end of term papers for my college courses and finishing up Christmas shopping. I mailed back presents to back home for my family. I know my younger siblings will each like their gifts. I also spent time hanging out with Jiyong and writing songs with him in korean and english. He is a really precious person and he watches all the girly dramas with me and Seungri. He has become like another little brother to me. The hanging out with them as a whole too has my heart hurting at the thought of returning home. The day finally arrives that it will be just Seung-hyun and me. I am panicking on what I am going to wear. I really want to wear a short sleve blouse but I am to self conscious about the tiny scars from my cutting days. I still have to fight the urge sometime. I borrow Tim and his cousin to help me pick an outfit but Tim is no use. He keeps wanting to pick the most unstylish garbage because he is jealous. His cousin finally gets him out and bans him from the room. I couldnt decide between a sweater dress and black wool tights and a black pants, cardigan and pink coat. But eventually I decided on the sweater dress. It hid my scars but made me feel comfortable and pretty. I was so nervous about this date. Tim came into the room after I was down getting ready. His eyes lit up and his mouth hung open a little. *I take it I look pretty,* I said. He shook his head yes. *He is here now.* You look at Tim in a panic. You start rubbing at your wrist. Tim takes this in and grabs your hand and squeezes. *(y/n) there is nothing to be nervous about. He likes you go have fun.* He grabs me into a hug and presses a kiss against the side of my temple. I smile weakly at him and gather his confidence. I go out to meet Seung-hyun. He looks gorgeous as always and my heart drops into my stomach but a smile grows broad on my face. He looks at me and smiles hugely. We bow at our heads at one another. We leave and walk outside heading to our venue. *You look beautiful tonight. I thought we go and get tea and if you are okay maybe go to ice skating?* *Ice skating sounds fun.* We walk down the street to a little cafe. My hands are starting to freeze because I forgot gloves and a scarf. Luckily we arrive at the cafe. I ordered hot cocoa with marshmellows. We sit at the table sipping our beverages and making small talk and jokes. avoiding the topic of my departure in four weeks. At one point I look up from my drink and stare into his lovely eys and get lost for a couple of seconds. I start to think how nice it would be to kiss him just once before I leave on the lips. I feel the blush work up my face. I look down and sip the hot cocoa. When I look back up he laughs. Then he uses his thumb to wipe whip cream of my mouth. I was almost tempted to kiss his thumb. I look away out of embarrassment. He reaches across and pats my hand. I look up at him and he is smiling. *Are you ready to go ice skating,* he asks. I shake my head yes and stand up. He comes around and puts his hand on the small of my back guiding me out. Once outside, I notice the tempurate dropped. I shiver just a little and he steps closer to me. as we walk my hands become colder. I do not know if the will survive ice skating but I can not wait to skate . It has been years. I tell him of my memories of skating back in Ohio in the winters. How fun it was and how I would play ice hockey with the neighbors. He chuckled at that part. We arrive at the rink. He hands me a pair of skates. I take off my boots and then try to lace up the skates. But my fingers are drozen. He looks over at me and smirks. he finishes lacing his skates up and comes over to me and laces mine up. Then he holds out his hands to help me up from my sitting position. I thought he would release both my hands but instead grabs them between his and brings them up near his mouth and breathes on them. My heart alnost ran away at that gesture. He releases one and holds the other as he walks us into the rink and unto the ice. I look up at him and he's smiling bashfully at me. I smile back and then look at my hand and his gloved hand. My heart races even more as he starts to skate with me hand in hand. We skate like this for what seems like hours. But only for 30 minutes until I trip and take both of us down to the ice. I ask if he is ok through my laughter. He starts to laugh himself. We get back up to skate. He takes both my hands now as he skates backwards. I look up at him making the best faces making me laugh. He is too cute for words. He then releaeses one of my hands and places the other with his in his pocket joined. Looks at me and grins devilishly. I smile back at him and use the toe picks to stand up give him a peck on his cheek. I use his shock to get my hand back and take off skating fast. I hear him behind me as he comes up behind me wrapping me up in his arms and taking both my hands in his moving us both along. I laugh and look up at him. He grins at me and then stops us. He goes in front of me and looks down at me. He takes his scarf off and places it around my neck and mouth. I feel instantly warmer. Then he does the most unexpected thing. He leans his head down and places a kiss to my forehead. I about died on the inside from giddiness. He then takes my hand and skates with me. We skated for another hour and then he escorted me back to my host family and Tim. At the door I look at him. *I had the most womderful time. Tonight will be one of my favorite memories ever. I promise.* I stick my pinky out at him and smile. He hooks his pinky with mine and stamps. He is about to release my hand when I take my other arm and wrap it around him to give him a hug. I feel his arm go around me. I hear his sigh and I nuzzle further in the hug. Then I look up at him. He looks at me. We stand there staring intently. Then our heads slowly as if drawn like magnents inch closer and closer together. The moment before our lips are about to touch someone opens the door and kills the moment. We jump apart and say good bye. both of us blushing profusely. I go inside with Tim. He just had to kill the mood. I head on up to wash and get ready for bed. As I come back into the room Tim is sitting on my bed, looking a little sad. *Did you have a great time?* I smile, *Yes it was wonderful we went ice skating.* He smiles and gets up to leave. *Good night (y/n). Have sweet dreams.* He walks out as I get in bed. I dreamt of our almost kiss that night.
I woke the next morning and was giddy as all heck. I came into the kitchen and saw Tims grim face and I Knew instantly the news was not good. *What happened? Whos in the hospital?* I ask Tim. *(y/n) grandfather had a massive heart attack last night. He is in critical condition.* My heart drops and the tears fall. I walk into his open arrms. As Tim hugs me tightly, sobs wreck my body. Once I stop crying, Tim tells me he already got our plane tickets. We will leave in a few hours. He walks with me to my old room. I finish packing up the rest of my stuff. I set aside my poetry book. I wrap it up, It is Seung-hyun's present and my confession to him. It as all my works and at the the end the last ten poem expresses my feelings for him. I take all the other boys presents out. I text all of them to meet at Tims house in four hours. They said they would come. I write a note and then give the gifts to Tims cousin to give them. She said she would. Tim and I head to the airport in a cab. I watch Seoul out the back window disappear as the tears shed. I squeeze Tims hand. *Your grandfather will pull through (y/n). He is a fighter just like you.* I smile and shake my head. *(y/n) I think this is a blessing in disquise. Because the heartbreak you are experiencing now would be ten times worst in four weeks on our original plan departure.* I give him a murdeous look. **Tim, I am already head over heels for him. My heart is in pieces over him and my grandpa. I need you to shut up and just hug me and console me. Which will mean a lot of video game nights, chick flicks, and ice cream when we are state side.** I cry. He said its a done deal and hugs me to his side after he wipes my tears and kisses my temple. We arrive at the airport and make our way back to the states. (HIS POV) (Y/N) Texted the group to meet at her host family house. I was looking forward to seeing her after our date last night. We finish our training for the morning and head over to meet her for a little bit before afternoon training starts. We arrive at her place and knock on the door. Tim's cousin answers the door and sees us. She invites us in but her smile seems a little sad to us. Jiyong asks about where (y/n) is. Her sad looks goes even sadder. She says that (y/n) is not there. That she had to return to the states in an emergency because her grandfather was in the hospital in critical condition. She goes further to explain that (y/n) left gifts for us and a note. She hands Jiyong the note. He reads and passes it to each the boys. I was about to rip it from Seungri's hand when he hands it to me.
Hey My Lovely Boys, Sorry I had to leave without saying a proper goodbye. Know that the memories I made with you are deeply cherished. Thanks for making my stay in Korea a happy and wonderful experence. You all have made me smile, laugh, and feel loved. That means the world to me. I left you each an xmas gift that you can not open until Chriatmas Day. Now time for the personal goodbyes. Jiyong, what can I say except that you are pure magic performing and debonair. I love your music style and lyrics. I know the group will make it big. I look forward to listening to your music in the future. I will be the groups biggest fan forever an always. You always treated me as a V.I.P. well I now have one last favor to ask of you... (there is a tear drop on the page here) take care of my V.I.P Seung-hyun because I know my departure will hurt him. Keep him busy with training. Make him laugh and do silly thinks with him. Hug him for me and maybe even give him a peck on the cheek for me. But also rap with him and write music with him as well. Ok now hand the letter to your bestie Taeyang. Taeyang, thanks for the encouragement in my gift giving selection. With that sad I took your advice and selected that as his gift. Thanks for making me laugh and smile. Please help Seung-hyun with his dancing...Oh and if he tells you he cant sing, he can only rap, he lies. Make him sing...Now give to Daesung... Daesung....Thanks for being comedic relief but also for sharing your sweets with me. Thanks for the tips on my singing. Look forward to hearing your sweeet voice in the future. Never lose your innocence and purity my friend. Please make Seung-hyun laugh. (more tear drops) give him love for me. Make him be able to feel your warmth and sunshine. With you around he will definitely be able to move forward. Now give this to Seungri even though I'm sure Seung-hyun is glaring daggers at each of you. (I laugh through my tears at that part) Seungri...awe cute little baby. You are exactly like my baby brother. I love your adorableness. Please get to bed early to lose those black circles. You look like a panda. But thanks for showing me some new dance moves. Thanks for helping me with my training and sparing with me. Please just be there for everyone. Be the everything that is needed to hold everyone close. Give them your light and love. They pick on you because you can handle it. But please dont take his names to heart. He is hurting and will be. Mu heart hurts as well but know beacuse you are all there together it feels lighter. Best of luck everyone. The world eill be yours because you all outshine the brightest stars in the darkest skies. Now give this to Seung-hyun. Read further at your own risk. (I laugh a little at this girls sense of humor but my heart hurts so much) Seung-hyun....Thanks for the best first date ever. Thanks for healing me to open my heart again. The memories I made with you can never be forgotten if I tried because they are tattooed on my heart. Sorry our time was cut even shorter. But know this.. Time and Music does heal wounds, but take it one day and one note at a time. Before you know it I'll just be a small scar on your heart but if I am lucky I am your first love and according to Tim first loves are never scars but cherished memories and always special. I hope I am a cherished memory. You will always be a V.I.P and cherished memory for me. Conquer the World and maybe one day we will meet again, Bye My Lovely Boys, Fighting (y/n)
I leave the house with the boys and our gifts in hands. Tears flow down my face. We all leave in a somber mood. We go back to YG to train for our debut. I never got to kiss her is all I think about. Weeks pass and I am like a Zombie. The boys do cheer me up here and there. Then Christmas arrives. I open gifts. I dont open hers. I cant yet. I will though when I Have her as a cherish memory and can move forward. We work harder and then we debut as Big Bang. I go by TOP. I will see her again one day when I conquer the world...

To be continued

Gah! the feels! x) I'm tearing up. will they ever meet?? xD
@RainaC3 @Lizzeh awe thanks. and @KellyOConnor I was hoping I got the note just right with their personalities. I thought I might have made it too cheesy
@VeronicaArtino first time reading a fan fic and I'm loving it can't wait for the next one. :-)
@VeronicaArtino I thought it was pretty spot on!
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