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Y\N=Your Name You and Ravi were supposed to go to a party in busan but the party got cancel so you and ravi just stayed at home. At home you was cooking some food for you and ravi to eat. Couple minutes later the food was ready you called ravi but he answer back so you went to go check on him and you saw him asleep in in the room. So you got into the bed and laid down for a bit and stared at ravi face. Liking the view y ravi said. You answer back yes I am liking the view. There was a silence between you and ravi for a while until you were going to get out of bed and go to the living room. But ravi pulled you back and hugged you. You were surprise at first but you hugged back. Surprisingly ravi kiss your lip. Unusually ravi doesn't kiss you as much but this kiss surprise you. He kissed you without permission. He pulled back and stared at your face. You tried to get out of ravi arms but you couldn't so you just stayed in bed with him. You know I love you right y ? Of course I do. Tomorrow can we just stay in bed all day? Why? You said. Because I want to spend time with you for the whole day ravi said. Sure why not you said. But how are we going to eat if where in bed all day you said. We can always get devilry ravi said. Oh okay. You got up and went to the kitchen and put the food away in the fridge while ravi was sleeping. While you did that 1 hour later ravi woke up and saw you not in bed next to him. So he went to the living room and saw you on the couch sleeping peacefully. Ravi bended over and picked you up bridal style and gently put you on the bed and pulled the covers you. Ravi peck your lips and stared at your face and stared think how in the world did he meet such a beautiful person. He laid down and stared to fall back to sleep his last word before he stared to daze off was I love you sweet dreams my love. And he fell asleep. A\N Another story on here I just now post this one on my wattpad. I took a long time writing this one plus hope you enjoy the story. Comment which one i should do next. And sorry if it don't make sense.
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Awww Ravi! Its so cute! If only it was real! πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚