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Guys i have been hearing a lot of rumors that lay is leaving some time next year? Have you guys herd anything?Guys help me !!

Lays my bby and he can't leave ,he's the reason I got into exo. Then he just gonna break my heart like Tao.....................................
Im so fucking done with this......... I need professional help at this point. If he leaves im quiting Exo too!!!(even thoe its really not possible )
We should start a hashtag to let him know we care about him!
I read something on Koreaboo about some show not adding him to the promotions video. He states that he will remain with EXO...but honestly I really don't know. the fact is he receiving so much hate and venom..he's alot stronger then me...LayXing is my bias But I only pray for his happiness wherever that leads him
HE'S NOT LEAVING!!!! There was just something about this, Lay said that he would never leave and we all know how innocent a d trusting this little cutie is so I doubt he would brake him promise.
Nothing would really help whether he leaves or not. We tried to stop Tao and he even said he was gonna stay. But in the end, he left and even though it broke our hearts, it was best for him. And if Lay leaves, it's probably best for him too. And we should support him no matter what. Just like the other members that left.
I think people are making stuff up because he is the last chinese member and now he automatically turns into a "traitor". Its sad really how he is viewed, hes not been given a chance anymore
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