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i hardly ever hear anyone talk about god of highschool, its such a good read, and its like a little parody with its own stuff of dragon ball. It has a good storyline and still having more chapters being made everyday. Also jin mori is one of the strongest anime characters out there, he literally defeat an opponent that was like 10 times his size with ease and then right after defeats another opponent that is like 100 times bigger than him and ya size doesn't matter in anime but it does when your fighting supposed god class enemies that no one has even been able to fight cause they couldn't even get passed the gate keeper. all in all its a good read and i recommend it to anyone who likes fight manga, also if anyone has already read it and is current please leave a comment as again i have hardly have anyone to nerd out about it with.
still involves high school people
you mean how its about highschool yet we never see a highschool till like 200 chapters in XD
funniest high school anime ever