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Pam is the Human Resources Director at (The intelligence agency random factoid coming soon that includes why they stopped using the term after season 3) She frequently comes across personal information about the other employees that she exposes on her blog. Pam sometimes uses a dolphin hand puppet to encourage communication during H.R. mediations. Which never works lol.. Pam likes to blab lol
She does unmentionable things but she is a all around fun character. Even with questionable behaviors and habits ::Cocain:: Pam was promoted to field agent and has demonstrated herself on multiple occasions to be extremely combat effective, perhaps even more so than Archer himself.
My personal fan casting if they did a live Archer movie. What would your choice be?
How to dress like Pam. Don't forget the gloves for bum fights! Cosplay city! Remember to "sex that shit up sexy" and get a "bone thrown into you!"
Yeah Pam is pretty great. I love all the gangs and fight clubs she's in, cracks me up every time I see her do some underground stuff.
@TerrecaRiley Omg, yesssssss. Hahahah, I love it.
@ButterflyBlu she'd be HILARIOUS
Pam has been the butt of alot of jokes along with Lana and Archer.. Oh and Ray. I think Cheryl, Kerger and Mallory get them the least out of the main cast. Here character can become overbearing at times I understand but that's probably how the writer attended her to be and annoying Oh and desperate to get laid. Lol
@BluBear07 I definitely see that. There have been a few cheap shots at her and I know the point of the show is to be outrageous but once in a while it crosses the line a bit. I def still love her though and I think Melissa Mccarthy would be perfect for a live action version
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