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From what I've read about the agreement it is hard to believe it will succeed in achieving it's goal (Keeping global tempature from rising 2 degrees). Especially since it establishes no consequences for countries who fail to meet their goals. Goals which it seems each country for itself establishes every 5 years?? Some argue it will lead to future climate agreements, but I'm skeptical. Getting world leaders together to even achieve took how long? The author in the article below mocks the summit. http://www.forbes.com/sites/bjornlomborg/2015/12/11/1-5-degrees-target-symbolism-over-substance/ What do you all think? How will the climate summit turn into a robust plan combating global warming?
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While I really wish that the summit would actually do something to relieve global warming, I think I agree that the purpose is more about placating the masses than to affect actual change. If those in power really wanted to fix the problem they needed to start about 20 years ago when scientists first started sounding the alarm. We can only hope that at least the act of HAVING the summit would make it seem that our respective governments are taking matters seriously enough to have the conversation, which hopefully, in turn, can bring about changes. I don't mean to be so cynical either. and doing Something is better than Nothing, but really, it seems like too little too late.
I might have set my expectations a little high when I heard that the presidents of so many nations were there and they were considering having rich countries give subsidies to devolping nations. I thought they were going to make a more concrete plan rather than have a conversation and make some recommendations. We'll just have to hope other energy sources become cheaper. I did hear Bill Gates was asking the rich to donate money to devolving new energy tech.
Any effort helps. I think that we have a lot of pressing issues right now. It's hard to prioritize, because all are so important. But I think this could lead to massive change if people are willing to listen and help each other across the world.
Totally @TessStevens!! I think if anything thing , this sets the example that change is very important and we must prioritize it. @JamiMilsap it is a little too late, and that's really sad to think about. We'll see how these next years go by and if they are able to change the increase in those degrees!
@ButterflyBlu @thefeels @ZacharyColeHall @JamiMilsap @TessStevens do you all have any thoughts on this?
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