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Calling all Day6 fans KPOP Fans of America (KFA) is looking for fans that can make concerts come to DALLAS. If you are a DAY6 fan and like to see them perform, please help us by doing the following: The Website is MyMusicTaste. 1. Click Link: http://m2t.tv/7Igh 2. Press Make 3. Input Ticket (at least $150+) 4. Add Taste (heart=$10). This is important as it shows artists who's serious. It also grants you perks like early discounts, M&G, and more. Only 1 TASTE per concert however. 5. Share link on FB and Twitter with your friends and family 6. Communicate with fans on Makers Note. Lets help make your KPOP dreams a reality! #KFA1stConcert #DAY6inDallas
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