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Calling all OMG Fans KPOP Fans of America (KFA) is looking for fans that can make concerts come to SAN JOSE. If you are an OMG Fan and like to see Oh My Girl perform, please help us by doing the following: The Website is MyMusicTaste. 1. Click Link: http://m2t.tv/xKe9 2. Press Make 3. Input Ticket (at least $150+) 4. Add Taste (heart=$10). This is important as it shows artists who's serious. It also grants you perks like early discounts, M&G, and more. Only 1 TASTE per concert however. 5. Share link on FB and Twitter with your friends and family 6. Communicate with fans on Makers Note. Lets help make your KPOP dreams a reality! #KFA1stConcert #OMGinSJ
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as much as I would love for them to come to SJ, I think they have a better chance at finding a venue and sponsor in San Fran 😢