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Hi, so recently I have been receiving tweets at me saying that I cannot have/am not allowed to have a korean or chinese name since I am not korean or chinese. So my question is ..." Even though I am not of Asian descent could I still have a separate Asian name?" My chinese name was given to me by my chinese teacher, and my korean friend gave me my korean name. My twitter is @a_wannabe_idol if you want to see the tweets that the people sent... or just search me idk hahaha.. I blocked them so I can't see their tweets at me any more .
My Korean friend also gave me a Korean name. I see your point, and if that's the case Asians shouldn't be allowed to have an American name. Like that can't have it both ways..
I was given a Korean name by my Korean friend and I sorta made a Chinese one for my Chinese class (it's a really rough way to translate your English name into a Chinese equivalent) so personally I don't think it's wrong ^_^ for me, I use my Korean name when I'm talking to Korean people but that's about it. Same with my Chinese name. I mostly use it in class since my teachers refers to me with my Chinese name. Otherwise I go by my English/whatever my account name is for whatever app/website I'm using.. Hope this made sense and wasn't super duper long ;-; I just sorta feel pretty strongly about this and ^^^^^she has a good point~
A name is just what you want people to call you. Actors and singers have stage names. People go by nicknames, middle names, gamer nicks, Internet ID's... People who move to a country often adopt a name from that culture (pretty sure the Pakistani who runs my favorite kabob diner isn't really named Fred). Many Asian idols have English names. As long as you're not making a legal transaction (read: buying a house or getting married), I'd say you're free to ask people to call you whatever you like.