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Just kidding. She jumped off the cliff which I'm not sure what the darkness below represents but...just read the translation lol Kyoko: I know the true identity of this feeling It was born from somewhere Ren: You can't go from there Come here I'm not scary. Mogami-san Kyoko: That hand will surely act violently (sorry not quite sure what she means by this) I've been struggling to get away (or to draw a line) That's the only thing I can't do Only you I don't want you to notice How this feeling was born The beginning of... It looks like she's still trying to do everything to not let Ren notice her feeling but at the same time it's already too late for her since the box is already open. I think she admits that she has feelings for Ren but she doesn't want him to know
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Please tell me what book this is from!
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