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Hello my fellow kpoppers I just wanted to say goodbye but it won't be forever. Today is my last day being a civilian. Tomorrow is the day I finally ship out to Navy Basic and I am soo terrified and really don't know what to expect.
I really can't believe this day has finally come. It came waaaaay tooo fast and I will miss vingle soo much especially all my friends I made on here. The thought of not being able to see my Fandoms for 2 or 3 months is a bit much. I hope you guys don't forget me.
keep you head down and thank you for keeping us safe soldier
i will always remember you :) good luck, I hope you come home safe
@stacynerland @torchix May God bless you and keep you happy, healthy, and safe. I pray this in Jesus name Amen.
dont worry god is with you.
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