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Hey guys!!! Here is the relate card of the day!!! I hope you guys enjoy it!!!! XD ( Credit to owners )!
Thanks guys and don't forget to tell me which meme or gif was your favorite! XD
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lol so true
I told my friend I like watching Korean men take their shirts off but enjoy kpop for the culture... Definitely the culture
Finding out your crush likes you back... And then waking up lol
The 2nd column the last was me yesterday when I was walking with one of my friend and he made me listen to one of his songs and I was like " what the f*** is this" 😂😂
I don't know why but when I do chores I listen to kpop not drake Selena Gomez or anything that has to do with other singers it is just Kpop I have changed "YASSSS" 😄🙂😊