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Happy Birthday to my bias in Block B B-Bomb <3 This video is also awesome for the holidays~ I looove his dancing! That's one thing that really caught my eye about B-Bomb. His style of dance is kind of mesmerising~
He has a cute smile ^^ and tends to playfully hit people around him when he laughs lol
He has so much charisma... it's not even funny. So much charm~ <3
Lol lets be real. Everyone secretly thinks this! I love B-Bomb ^^ Haha he's handsome ~
Honestly. a lot of Block B songs, my fav parts are when B-Bomb sings <3 not all of their songs but quite a few! <3 I just think his voice is so charismatic ~
my favorite song he displays his vocals in tho is Block B Sub units BASTARZ Nobody But You duet with Ukwon & B-Bomb <3 Their falsetto is sooo good! B-Bombs part in Be The Light really hits me too tho <3
(B-Bomb mispronunced dimples lmao) Anyways happy birthday B-Bomb!! <3 @roxy1903 @kpopandkimchi @emealia @b1a4bts5ever @blockbvillians