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tenten and hinata weapon expert and chikri expert combo... both these girls have heart and strong wills. they have proven theirselves as equals to most shinobi and fought to no end to protect what they love the most
ezra weapon master and m.j. magical demon warrior. k not the best explanation on m.j. but she has been said to be equal to Ezra and arch rival but both these ladies have a strong love for the guild and willing to go all the way to protect them.
the question is which team is going to win I felt that both of these are good reps from each show. but it's my first vs battle. and I think I pick the right choices to fight ..... but bro g fan of both I'll give it to team fairy tail... just on the chance that. tin tin arsenal is limited to her world and Ezra has. armor/ weapons that are magical. I feel m.j. and hinata could come to battle
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Erza and Mirajane by a landslide
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erza and mire for sure
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