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1. When my insecurity creeps in and threatens to destabilize me, merely talking to him sets me straight. Because he makes me feel beautiful, loved, intelligent, strong, capable, and fascinating.
2. He’s never far from my thoughts, but it’s okay if we don’t talk for a while. I know that when he doesn’t text me back right away, it’s because he’s busy, not because he isn’t thinking of me. I trust him to know the same.
3. We get excited about the things that excite each other. He reads literary criticism with me, and I discuss neuroscience with him. We love seeing the other happily embroiled in their passions.
4. He inspires me to work harder, exercise more, chase my dreams, embrace opportunity, read more books, love more deeply, and never stop striving to be the best version of myself.
5. For the first time in my life, I don’t have the upper hand in the relationship. He blows me away – I am so bowled over when I think of how amazing he is, and I can’t believe how lucky I am.
Congratulations Ally, I am very happy for you! I wish you both much happiness.
@Ashley052498 Exactly right!! Ugh i LOVE that movie, it's so visually stunning and really really cool, the way they keep the Shakespearean dialogue but transplant the entire story to (modern day? within the last few decades) Miami. @LizArnone you HAVE to watch it!!! :D
Thanks @InPlainSight :) I'm such a sappy romantic haha... it gets even worse when I'm this happy XD
@LizArnone the old Romeo and Juliet movie starring Leonardo Decaprio...I don't know how to spell his name
What movie is this !!
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