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Mine is Leone
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that would be a good fight, but 2 be honest I would have to give that win too leone. yang.... I love that girl 2 death, she's my ride/die die "chick"...; the the difference between those two is that yang is quick, but leone is fast in every way.
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@RamonPizarro: look dude I've seen "Ruby",..... I've been keeping up with Ruby since 2013; the second season came out on my birthday you don't know how happy I was to know that. (lol) but it seem that the only way 2 settled this is with a chart.
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yang: Leone: • she's quick. • she's fast •she has massive. •she has endurance regeneration •she has gauntlet •she has shotgun. claws & fangs • she has a unique. • she has a aura that turns trump card her into a Super Saiyan! so now u have it, with just leone regenaration powers alone she really doesn't take damage "but yang does, and then leone has a trump card.
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sorry for the typo in my chart.
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