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hahahahaha oh donkey
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I understand gaining pleasure from any of these, it's natural, but I only enjoy/watch Yuri between them all.
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@BraydenSaxon more like ecchi, which is almost the same, except hentai is anime porn, whereas ecchi typically shows mild nudity but nothing more. it also contains many sexual themes often.
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@BlackDragon88 Ecchi does tend to have mild nudity, however more prevalent is the use of perverted humor and sexual tension. A show can be Ecchi without nudity. Yuri and Yaoi fall more toward the hentai end of the spectrum due to the way in which the term "hentai" is defined by the Japanese. It translates to "perverted/wrong love" and in the Japanese culture Yaoi and Yuri are viewed as such. This is why Yaoi and Yuri are given as hentai classifications, but there is no such thing as Ecchi Hentai
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@BraydenSaxon that does make since by definition. I though hentai was considered more to be perverted or porn essentially. It is, by definition, "wrong love," so I would consider that accurate. Despite that, ill watch Yuri anyway because it entertains me ;)
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lulz, weaboo police.
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