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"Explain to me one more time why you want Mark and I to get married?" I ask Hyun-Ae for the millionth time. I was still trying to process her last birthday wish.
"Because I want you to be happy and Mark makes you happy. Except for that time after your date." Hyun-Ae says.
"It wasn't a date."I clarify.
"Whatever you want to call it. But Mark does make you happy, Eomma." We continue to walk down the streets as we make our way to the boys dorm. Hyun-Ae wanted to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas with them. "Plus, I miss it when it was just the three of us." She quietly admits. I give her hand a gentle squeeze.
Hyun-Ae rings the door bell when we arrive to the dorms door. We wait patiently while we hear members shouting to either open the door, pick up the mess, or to wake up JB. Sounds of a zoo or a stampede were coming from behind the door. Hyun-Ae and I jump when something slams against the door. The door swings open revealing a panting JB. He swings his right arm open gesturing for us to come in while leaning on the door. Hyun-Ae and I step into the dorm surprised that there were no shoes at the entrance and everything was spotless. Everything was beautifully decorated with Christmas decorations.
"Wow~" Hyun-Ae exclaims.
"Do you guys like it? Youngjae asks.
"It's amazing." I feel like I've seen these decorations before. The couch and coffee table were gone replaced with blankets that are spread around the living room floor. The tree was in the back corner of the room. Why do I feel like I've seen these decorations before?
"We're just borrowing the props from our last MV." Yugyeom says while sipping a drink. "AISH!" Yugyeom cries and looks at Mark who is giving him a look. "I-I-I mean we bought the decorations at the store."Yugyeom rubs the back of his head while getting two thumbs up from Mark and JB. I shake my head at them and let out a small laugh.
"Where's everyone else?" I ask while taking a seat on the floor. Hyun-Ae sits down next to me with her legs crossed.
"I'm right here!" BamBam shouts from the kitchen.
"Junior is in the shower still." JB says.
"And Jackson left to China for the holidays last night." Mark informs me.
Why didn't he tell me? Is he still upset about what happened at the party? Did we break up again and I just don't know? I was looking forward to spending Christmas with him.
"Eomma." Hyun-Ae calls for me. I look at her giving her my full attention. "Can I help BamBam oppa in the kitchen?"
"If he says that it's okay." I smile.
"Ne~ it's fine." Hyun-Ae gets up from the floor and runs over tot he kitchen.
The members, who had stayed standing, finally decided to sit down on the blankets. Mark takes Hyun-Ae's spot while the others lay spread out on the ground.
"How did the appointment go?" Mark quietly asks me.
"Good." I say avoiding eye contact.
"That's good to hear." Mark smiles at me and I smile back being polite.
I begin to play with my fingers as I remember the doctors appointment I had last week. I snap out of my daze when I hear my name being repeated numerous of times. I look a the guys wondering who was calling me.
"Ne?" I ask.
"I was asking if you wanted to help out with the deserts?" Youngjae says from the kitchen.
"Ne~" I stand up extending a hand out to Mark. He looks at me puzzled slowly reaching for my hand. "We'll get done faster if we have more people to help." I pull him up and reach for JB and Yugyeom.
"Are we making the cookies in circles or do we have cookie cutters?"Yugyeom asks.
"What is everyone doing?" Junior says coming from the hallway.
"Bam and Hyun-Ae are finishing dinner and we are making the desserts." JB says.
"I'll be in charge of the music."Junior shuffles over to the stereo and plugs in his phone. "I guess I'll help with the baking." He says with a smile.
Youngjae brings out bowls the cookie dough, boxes of cake and brownie mix, and places it on the table along with baking sheets and pans. JB goes over to the bottom cabinets and pulls out the cookie cutters. BamBam turns on the oven for us since he was at the stove already. We split up into teams: JB, Youngjae, and Mark were in team 'Cookies' and Yugyeom, Junior, and I were in team 'Bakers'.
In the Cookies team Youngjae was in charge of spreading out the dough, Mark was in charge of cutting out the shapes, and JB was in charge of placing them onto the sheets. In my group the Bakers I was in charge of mixing the batter, Junior was in charge of placing the batter into the pans and oven, and Yugyeom was in charge of decorations on the dessert. So technically Yugyeom was on both teams.
I'm basically doing all of the work since the Cookie and Bakers teams keep stopping to dance. They all moved into the living room leaving in the kitchen working my bum bum off while trying to take out the cake and trying to put the cookies in. Then I have to go roll out the dough and cut out the cookies, put the cake on a rack so it can cool down, then go mix the batter for the brownies. I felt like a chicken who had their head chopped off.
"Hey (Y/N), do you need help?" Junior asks while getting a bottle of water.
I look at him with puppy dog eyes. "Yes."
"MARK! Come help out your fiance. Fighting!" He raises a fist.
"YAH!" I flick some batter at him for what he just called me. Fiance? I don't see a ring on my finger? Plus as I'm still aware I'm still dating Jackson.
"I just showered~"Junior cries as he grabs a napkin to wipe off the batter off his cheek and shirt.
*1 1/2 Hours Later*
"Clear up the table so we can eat."JB says while picking up some of the trash. We began cleaning up and setting the table for our Christmas Eve dinner. "Hyung~" Mark looks up at JB with a cookie in his mouth.
"Mwo?" Mark says with the cookie lingering on his lips.
"You're going to ruin your appetite." JB says as the worried leader.
"I wanted to make sure that they weren't...poisoned." JB gives Mark the "You're stupid" look. I take the cookie out of Mark's mouth and place it on a napkin next to his plate. Mark swallows what was remaining in his mouth and takes a seat in the chair.
The food looked so delicious my mouth was beginning to water. "Nothing bad for Hyun-Ae is in here right?" I ask BamBam.
"Ani, it's all safe." He smiles.
We serve our plates, some even fighting over one of the sides. I swear sometimes I wonder if they are real idols. Hyun-Ae was looking at her oppas in disgust as they shove rice into their mouths with fish. They're eating like lions who have not eaten for a week or more. I quietly laugh as I keep looking at my daughter's expression. I was already used to this from the previous holidays that I have spent with them. I elbow Mark on the side causing him to choke on his food. I smack his back until all the food cleared his throat.
"YAH! Are you crazy?!"
"You wouldn't have choked if you ate like a normal person." I put some noodles in my mouth like a normal person; not like someone who eats it as if was spaghetti.
"Why did you hit me anyway?"
"You guys are freaking Hyun-Ae out." They all look at my daughter, who has her eyes bulging out of their sockets. They all apologize and begin to eat slowly.
"You guys are cheating!" Junior yells.
"We are not cheating. You're just mad that we are winning." JB jokes.
After dinner Yugyeom had the idea to play charades mixed with pictionary. They had split inot two teams: Team Beautiful consisted of JB, Yugyeom, (Y/N), and Hyun-Ae; and Team Ugly was Mark, Junior, Youngjae, and BamBam.
"I agree that you are cheating." Mark seconds.
"How are we cheating?" Yugyeom questions.
"It's called charades you're not supposed to be talking or making sounds." Youngjae says.
"Well if we are going to be technical about this then you're not supposed to be writing words nor letters on the board." (Y/N) points out.
"I second that." Hyun-Ae says.
The score was currently 15 to 8 with Team Beautiful in the lead.
"Since we're bringing up what we don't agree on then I shouldn't be on team ugly." BamBam says. "I mean have you seen my poses?" Everyone just shakes their heads at poor BamBam.
They continued to play the game since they let both disagreements slide. Mark picks out a piece of paper from the many that have written and looks at it then groans.
"Whoever wrote this is dead." Mark deeply sighs and stretches out a bit.
"Hurry up and just do it!" Youngjae says.
"YAH! You're not the one who's going to be embarrased!" Everyone chuckles and then there's JB howling out in laughter. "Did you write it?!" JB nods his head while laughing.
Mark hangs his head in embarrasement. He jumps up and begins to cheer while throwing his arms up as if he had pom poms. Team Ugly was throwing out guesses left and right as Mark kept cheering. Mark groans as he continues to cheer knowing that his team members are guessing wrong on purpose.
"I give up! We lost." Mark quits.
"Awe don't be like that Hyung~" The members laugh.
Mark waves a hand and sits next to (Y/N). She pats Mark on the back while Hyun-Ae is fast with her head on her mothers lap.
"So it that game?" JB asks.
"No way!" Junior yells.
"Shh! Hyun-Ae is asleep!" (Y/N) whisper yells.
Mark stands up again lifting Hyun-Ae into his arms and carries her to his and Jackson's room. He kisses her head once he lays her down on Jackson's bed then leave the room. He walks over to the kitchen and takes all of the desserts over to the living room.
"What shall we play next?" Youngjae questions.
"Hmmm," They all ponder on the question. "Maybe we should play...we should play that game we all like to play." Yugyeom says.
"Wow that really narrows it down."BamBam sarcastically says to Yugyeom.
"We should just watch a horror movie." Mark suggests.
"Okay, but not too scary." Youngjae says.
"We might as well just watch Care Bears if you don't want it to be scary." Junior jokes around.
"Or we can just go to sleep and wake up early to do stuff." (Y/N) suggests already yawning. "Or not." She says when the guys give her a look.
(Y/N) untaggles herself from the blankets leaving the living room intot he hallway towards the bedroom where her daughter lays. (Y/N) slips off her shoes then takes off her daughters. She carefully removes the tucked in blanket from underneath Hyun-Ae then carefully crawls into bed covering the both of them. She embraces Hyun-Ae then whispers "I love you" into her hair.
"Just start the movie." JB says while dragging out all of the presents from his room.
"Oh let me get mine." The members go into their rooms bringing out the presents that they bought for one another.
"I'm sorry! I was being so stupid I don't know what I was thinking." I was standing out in publics eye apologizing to the girl I love. It begins to rain as she beings to wlak away from me. I can't loose her again.
One of Yugyeom's hyungs was ordered to go wake up the maknae. He had decided to have a little fun and was drizzling water onto his head. He contniued to drip water onto him as he stayed asleep . Yugyeom grabs onto his hand causing him to be startled as he thought that he was caught.
I was holding onto her wrist as I teared up...or was it just the rain? I look deeply into her eyes. "I just get jealous whenn you look at other guys like that."
She just stared at me with a blank expression. Was she not comprehending how much I was in love with her and how much I was sorry?! "I only want you to look at me like that. I only want you. You're the one who holds my heart. The one I want to spend the rest of my life with." I poured out my emotions to her.
"Yah, you idiot. Let me go." She yanks her wrist out of my grip and walks away.
I grab her wrist once again and yank her towards me then press my lips onto her's as she tries to pull away.
Yugyeom was so lost into his dream that he had pulled down his hyung close to him and kissed him. The member was trying to pull away and began to hit Yugyeom's chest as the maknae held him in place. Yugyeom pulled his hyung onto him causing Junior to straddle his waist. Yugyeom to kiss poor Junior harder while holding him against him tighter. Junior began to lose himself into the kiss but immediately stops himself before the image of the girl he likes blinds him from reality. Junior with all his might ripped himself off the maknae. He opens the water bottle then dumps it on Yugyeom's face.
"YAH!!! YOU PERVERT!" Junior yells. Yugyeom slowly sits up still dazed in sleep letting his soaked hair cover his eyes. "How can you kiss someone with that smelly breath?!" Junior continues to explode. He throws the bottle at Yugyeom's head and a towel to his face.
"It was an accident stop acting like I stole your virginity." Yugyeom casually slips out of bed.
"YAH!" Junior yells in horror once he sees little Yugyeom. "PERVERT!" Junior slams the maknae's door once he's out of the room.
Yugyeom looks down and blushes a brigh red. He immediately wraps the towel around his waist.
"Kim Soo Han Mu, Geo Bukgi Wa Du Ru Mi, Sam Cheon Gab Ja Dong Bang Sak, Chichikapo, Sarisarisaenta, Worwori, Seprika, Moo Doo Sel La, Gu Reum Yi, Heo Ri Kae In, Dam Byo Rak..." Yugyeom begins to say as he makes his way to the shower. Repeating the rhyme over and over until his issue was gone.
"What are you doing?" I asked Junior, who was washing his mouth and lips with hand soap.
"My lips have been contaminated." Junior cries.
"Did he have another realistic dream?" I ask him from experience. Yugyeom hasn't touched me which I'm glad for, but I've seen and heard him act out his dream while asleep.
"Ne~" Junior scrubs harder trying to rid of the memory or the taste.
"Good morning~" Yugyeom greets everyone when he enters the kitchen.
"AISH!!"Junior scrubs faster and harder.
"Junior, just stop. If you scrub any harder you'll scrub off your lips."JB says while serving some orange juice into his glass.
"Yah, is that possible?"Junior asks with a happy smile.
"Can we just have breakfast so we can pass out the presents?"I ask while taking a seat in my chair.
BamBam and (Y/N) prepared breakfast for us this morning. I am so hungry that I can probably eat a whole fish cake cart. I don't know if the other members were that hungry, but I know I was. I can taste the bacon already the crunch sound it makes as I chew it savoring each flavor. They bring the food over to the table allowing us to pick out exactly what we want.
"THANK YOU~" We all thank the two cooks and begin to dig into this delcious looking breakfast.
We all gathered in the living room sitting/laying on the blankets that we had spread out. We had already passed out all of the presents. Each of us getting one present from each person.
"Let's take turns opening presents, okay?"JB suggets. We all agree to his suggestion. "We'll start off with Youngjae then we'll just go around clock-wise."
YAY! I get to open up my presents first! "The very first gift that I'm going to open is...wait, should we open the gifts we got from Jackson or should we wait until he returns?" I ask while examining the gift that I received from hyung.
"I think we should wait. That way we can give him a hug in thank's when we open our gift from him."Junior says.
"Ne~" I place his gift aside and grab the next gift closest to me. "The second first gift that I will be opening is from (Y/N) and Hyun-Ae." I unwrap the thin present and find a photo album. Inside the album were pictures of Hyun-Ae and I when we spent time with her and some with (Y/N) and I before we debuted and the two years she was with Jackson; some were also from the party last week. "Aw thank you. Where did you get these photos?"
"I got them from the other groups. They had taken photos of everyone at the party. Then the photos of us when Jackson and I were together welll I never got rid of those photos. I know it's not much we just thought you guys would enjoy them for memories."(Y/N) says.
"It's very beautiful." I really do love this gift.
"Each of yours are customized to only have pictures of you with either of us or with the other members and groups."
The other members open their gift from (Y/N) and begin to go through the album and laugh or smile as they look at the photos.
"I thought I was supposed to open all of mine first."I point out.
"Why is Mark's thicker?" Yugyeom asks. Okay completely ignore me.
"It's the photos from all the seven years with Hyun-Ae and they took a lot of pictures." (Y/N) laughs.
"Okay back to me opening my presents."
Christmas is such a beautiful time of the year to spend with the people who make us happy. I wish Jackson was year to spend it with us though. I hope he's not mad at me for what I want to happen. I mean Jackson has been really nice to us and I know he loves Eomma but Mark loves Mommy too. I've only known Jackson for a little bit and I've known Mark my whole life. But if Eomma and Mark do get together I don't want Jackson to disappear. I still want him to be my Dad I just want my Eomma to be happy and I believe that she will be happy with Mark.
"Eomma," I tug on arm gently. She turns to me and smiles. "I want to FaceTime Jackson so he can see me open my presents that Santa got me."
"Okay, let me go get Mark's laptop then we'll call him okay?" Eomma asks me.
"Can we go to the room so we can talk to him privately?" I ask her. No ones seems to be hearing to our conversation so that's good. She nods her head and stands up then lifts all of my presents.
I follow my mom to Jackson's room and plop down on the bed. Eomma sets the gifts gently on the floor and goes over to Mark's side of the room grabbing his laptop and sits next to me. She logs onto his computer and fires up FaceTime. Eomma clicks on Jackson's face and the FaceTime ringing begins.
Jackson answers after the second ring and smiles when he sees who called him. "ABEOJI~"Hyun-Ae calls out.
"Ne~ Princess." Jackson says.
"Why did you leave?"Hyun-Ae asks her father.
"I came to visit your grandma and grandpa."
"Yah, are you and Eomma dating?" Why would Hyun-Ae ask that?! What made her ask such a thing?! I mean yeah we are secretly, but did we make it that obvious?
Might as well just tell her right? "Ne"
"Ani" Jackson says at the same time as I spoke.
"Aniyo?" Hyun-Ae asks.
"Ani."Jackson confirms.
"What?" I mumble to myself. Is he really that upset about what happened? Why is it that he has all the courage to admit what he truly feels when he's away? I feel like crying but I don't. I can't. I want to cry but at the same time I'm not that surprised. I should have seen it coming.
"Jackson" Hyun-Ae looks at her father.
"Are you sure that you two are not dating?"
"Ne Hyun-Ae I'm postive that we're not together."
*Last Week*
"How is this possible?" I still couldn't get it through my head. I know it's possible but still. "You said that the surgery was a success." This can not be happening.
"Ms. (Y/L/N), you must understand. The surgery was a success but that was years ago." The doctor clasps his hands together. "We had taken out the cancer out of the lungs but what we didn't see and were not careful about.."
"Was that it had spread." I finish off for him.
"Yes, that it has spread all over and now it's much stronger." I hang my head as the tears roll out of the corner of my eyes. I can't suffer again. Especially if it's like last time. "If we begin again with the chemo you are looking at of a life expectancy of a year or two more."
I let out a shaky breath as my chest aches. I can't breathe. I'm being suffocated. I reach for my throat and pull away the stupid scarf. A year. Is that enough time? "I have only a year with my daughter."I whisper to myself.
"I'm sorry." The doctor sincerely says.
"What-What if I don't do the treatment? What am I looking at?"
"At this rate? If it continues at this speed...I say about..."
"Please, Doctor, I must know." I plead him.
"3 to 5 months." I taking in another shaky breath. What am I going to do? "Miss, I highly advise you to do the treatment if you want to continue to be with your daughter." beautiful Hyun-Ae. I break down at the simple thought of not being with her. Not getting to be there when she experiences her first crush, her first heartbreak, graduate from high school or college. My precious baby girl. Not being able to hold her in my arms, to tell her she's beautiful and loved every single day, nor will I be able to see her find true love or be able to see her get married.
I walk out of the doctors office once we're done talking and into the hallways. I aimlessly walk through the building without a beating heart. Am I even alive? I can't- I can't. I begin to scream and yell hitting my head with my fists. "WHY?! WHY DID YOU HAVE TO COME BACK?! WHY COULDN'T JUST- JUST- AH!!" I cry out. My ears ring as my voice bounces off of the walls echoing throughout the staircase. I turn to face the wall and let out all of my frustration out on it, kicking and punching at the dull gray prison wall. I face forward with my back against the wall slowly throwing my head back in a timing as if I was keeping beat. I slide down against the wall with my knees to my chest still hitting my head on the wall slowly. I close my eyes and inhale deeply...
"What am I going to do?"
I'm sorry that it has taken me so long to finish this. I struggled a lot trying to figure out how to right the Christmas gathering. I hope you enjoyed it. If you dislike it that's okay you can let me know. Once again I apologize for taking long on the update.
You guys are so cute😊 just letting you know this is where I get my ideas😄 you guys actually help write the story when it comes to who to choose Mark or Jackson
@ivyheart13 you know I didn't think of that...maybe I will 😊
Oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!! I just can't believe what I just read oh man I love this story so much it's just amazing how you combined all these things....Is there gonna be a chapter of Jackson POV during his Christmas as to why he left?
ahhh soo much feels!!!!! 😱 she can't die... she needs to live on.... 😢😭
@xsandos17 ... yes!?.. I suspected that.. so Im already thinking how going to can't wait..
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