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I really need someone's help learning Korean. I started a year+ ago on my own and haven't gotten far because it's difficult not having anyone to talk to in Korean so that you can remember things a lot easier. I have a Kakaotalk, Line, and wechat. So if you have any and would be will to help that would be so amazing. My ID for them is: peachseedling
@KaiJae I have this app and it's awesome
try Hellotalk it's suppose to be were people help each other learn languages. you can get a Korean on there to teach you, IDK how it works thou bc I downloaded it but have yet to use it.
I would suggest the app memrise. I've been using it for sometime now and it's helped me a lot
I have been self-teaching for about 2 years now. I'll admit not diligently, but fairly regular. It is a difficult language to learn (at least for me). I have trouble remembering words because I don't use them regularly and have to see them several times before the finally stick. My advice is flashcards. Maybe own person could send a word or phrase for the other person to guess. Just a suggestion.
I've been learning Korean for a year and I only some Korean words, the alphabet, and I know how to read Korean but don't know what I'm saying Kakao talk: katyusha180 Line: kpoplover_18
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