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Parents: can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em. Literally. They give birth to you.
There are a lot of different kinds of parents out there. Which do you have?

Scary Parents

This goes way past strictness.

Creepy Parents

I'm never bringing my boyfriend home – ever.

Sports Fan Parents


I'm Always Right Parents

Can't decide if this is more infuriating than the "I'm Always Right Teen Little Sister"...

Artsy Baby Photo Parents

Who takes these things?

Facebook Stalker Parents

Please stop commenting on every single thing I'm tagged in. I'm begging you, Mom.

Yelling Parents


TMI Parents

Oh my god, Dad... please, no more.
What kind do you have?
And which types of parents did I miss? XD
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My parents were always um... the ones who would say very very 1950s style stuff without realizing the times have changed. Pretty sure when I was in high school, my friends came over and my dad said something along the lines of "Hey, girls, ready to head out for some oriental food?" DAD.. DAD.. SERIOUSLY..
Omg I HATE when my parents (or usually, more likely my grandparents) say things like "oriental." "Oh, that oriental gentleman"... blah blah blah. UHHH... WE DON'T USE THAT WORD ANYMORE, GUYS...
Hahaha, my parents were just always good at saying things that would embarrass me just because they were either totally unknowingly offending someone by saying something super un-PC or they would just not really care. My mom always defended it by being like "I'm a New Yorker! I'm from Brooklyn!" as if it gave her a free pass to tell everyone what's on her mind.
I have scary parents
Sorta creeped out by the exchange between the dad and daughter over breasts...WTF?!?!?!