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I have a short story for everyone. My dad was watching the Steelers game today and I walked in the room. The game was about to cut to commercial and the program started playing "Dope"!!!!!! It was just the instrumental part of the songs for a few seconds, but they were the most exhilarating seconds of my whole day! If anyone wants to check it out, the game is on CBS right now and it was about 1 hour and 13 minutes into the game I think. The NFL played DOPE!!!!!!!!
Sorry about the bad quality! I took the video quickly in an extreme fangirl state. 😝
makes me want to watch football from now on
Omg so I wasn't just way to obsessed with Kpop that everything I listen to is Kpop that was real o.o
omo!!! my heart almost burst:) Thank you sooooo much for sharing <3
OK so I didn't imagine that life is complete
omg om omg I feel so proud of being a army. I wonder if that produces like bts dope and are secretly a army
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