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My initial impression of this was that it was going to be another anime about people stuck in a game world. So I put off watching it, and as always, when I finally watched it I regretted puting it off. The graphics were amazing and the plot fantastic.
No game no life is the story of Sora and Shiro, a brother and sister afraid of the outside world who live their lives as NEETS playing games all day. They are both ridiculously good at video games and super smart. They are invited to an alternate world where everything all the way up to rulers of the countries are decided by games, the perfect place for the two of them. As the oldest of seven kids, I have always wanted an older brother. So despite his being a huge pervert I really admired Sora. He shows that his sister is very important to him, and he won't do anything without her.
There were plenty of moments that made me laugh. I especially loved when they tormented Steph.
I highly recommend you watch this anime. If you are looking for a comedy with a great storyline and amazing graphics, this is perfect.
i fucking love this anime so much
my favorite charecters are tet and sora
even i wrote a page about no game no life
plain out awesome