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A very happy birthday to my two bias wreckers of Block B and SHINee, B-Bomb and Onew.
I wish to them a very happy birthday and for them to stay healthy. I hope to them another successful year in the music industry. We fans share our love and thanks to you and others for such a great year this year. I am also hoping for a Block B comeback... hopefully after leader-nim Zico is done promoting his newest album. Please support Zico in his comeback, even though I think some of his released mv tracks are rated 19+. Also please support SHINee in anyway you can, ie. more views on mvs, watch their shows. Any way possible. would be great. I hope they rest well, and comeback with great songs for us fans and may learder-nim Onew show his abs this time around (since everyone showed theirs already except for Onew).