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ok, so I decided on writing a story myself. ... it's my first time doing this so please bear with me, I'm going to try my hardest but it's not going to be short and I still don't know how many chapters.
It's going to include my two favorite boy groups (got7, bts) wish me luck!
Isabella, a Hispanic raised in America most of her life, has gotten accepted in Seoul University full ride. Her dream school. She has been dreaming of going to Korea for college ever since middle school and now she can finally make her dream come true.
However, her senior year was a rough one, will she be able to start all over in Seoul? or will her past come and get her?
Chapter 1
(Isabelle is at the airport, she has just arrived in Seoul, and it's 4 weeks before she starts college)
"Oh God! that was the longest time I've spent sitting down... my whole body aches" I mumble to myself as I made my way out of the airport to get a taxi. I have finally arrived at Seul and I'm super excited, to say the least. Being here is a dream in itself and I still can't get over the fact that I got a full ride to Seul University. Thank God I studied Hangul since middle school otherwise I would never be able to survive here.
'Okay let's get back to business, you'll have time to explore later' I thought to myself. I take out my phone and texted my best friend to see where he is... you see he is in Seoul right now, but he doesn't know I'm here yet, he doesn't even know I got accepted to my dream school.
"Where are you?" - Isa
"I'm training... why?" - Joonie
"Just wondering, btw where exactly are you training like the address?" - Isa
"*address* but why would you need that? are you stalking me now? " - Joonie
"haha you're funny .... and don't worry about it., gotta go bye" - Isa
"okay...? " - Joonie
YEY! I can't wait to see his reaction when he sees me outside of the building. Now, let's get a taxi....
After putting all my luggage on the car I gave the address to the driver and he told me that it was going to take about an hour to get there.
**45 min later**
"aghashi" *shakes* "aghashi!" *shakes harder* "huh-uh what?" I finally opened my eyes when I noticed the driver calling me. I didn't even realize I had fallen asleep, I guess I was tired from the trip. I paid the driver and apologized to him. I told him to have a nice day, then I got out of the card with all my luggage. It's already 8 pm and I know that Joonie finishes his training around this time.
You may be wondering what training, you see Joonie is a rapper who had already debuted, he's mostly known as Rap monster and he's the leader of his group BTS. How am I even friends with him, an idol? oh well, I met him before he debuted, he went to my school as an exchange student during my sophomore year, he was a senior at that time. I would have never thought we would end up being friends, and you could say it was all a coincidence that we even talked.
I've been in the studio room of my school for about 4 hours now, it's already 7 pm and, although I should be heading home now I don't want to. I love being here, I get to be myself for once, I get to compose songs that no one would ever hear and even rap a little. I'm not a singer, nor a dancer, and all I do is compose songs.
Obviously, no one knows this, only my music teacher that lend me the keys to the school's studio for me to use it when I want to. She's the only person that knows I compose, but I made her promise to keep it a secret... no one can know...
When I finished writing the song that I've been wanting to finish for a while, I started rapping the song. It was a rap song, my first rap song, but it was the only song that I could actually try to do because all my songs are for singers and I can't sing to save my life. So, I started rapping and was so into it that I didn't hear the door to the studio opened until I heard someone clapping. I turned around startled by the noise only to see the exchange student that everyone's been talking about lately. He's tall, handsome and has the cutest dimples I've ever seen.
"That's a pretty good song, who's it from?" he asks in a deep voice, that could make any girl faint.
"uh... um... it's mine..?" I said, but it sounded more like a question than an answer.
Surprised he asks "you made that song? wow, you've got some talent there.." I smiled and thanked him, it's the first time someone hears my song and compliments it (obviously because no one knew I composed).
"Hey! I'm Namjoon." He introduces himself and sits down in the chair next to me.
"I'm Isabelle, but you can call me Isa" I introduced myself and smiled. He smiled back and we started talking, and that's how we became friends....
I grabbed my phone and texted Joonie.
"Are you done training?" -Isa
"Yep! I'm almost heading home" - Joonie
"Okay, hurry up I'm waiting outside " -Isa
"Waiting...? what do you... WAIT WHAT!!" -Joonie
I laughed at his text and waited for him. He must be so shocked. I can't wait to see him, I've missed him so much. I haven't seen him in like a year. After he graduated from my school, he had to leave because he got accepted to BigHit as a trainee. I was so happy for him, he finally got the chance to debut as a rapper. It was hard for me to imagine going through my last two years of high school without him, but he kept in touch.
When he debuted months would pass by without getting in touch because of his busy schedule and I began to think that he had forgotten about me, until he came back because he had a concert in the U.S and surprised me with a visit. I couldn't go to his concert because I didn't have the money, but he understood, after all, he knows me like no other. However, every time he had a concert near me he would give me tickets for free which I always appreciated it. He's the best of friends.
"ISA!!!!" I heard his voice before I even see him.
Oh that voice, I've missed it so much. Before I could even turn around, I felt his arms wrapped around me in a bear hug.
"How are you here? I don't understand!" he says surprised by my existence in Seul. I giggled before answering him.
"Do you remember when I told you I applied to Seul University?" he nodded and stared at me still clueless, 'awe he's so cute'. I couldn't help but giggle again.
"Well, I got accepted FULL RIDE!" I said excited with a goofy smile.
"Oh, My! No way! CONGRATS!" he says and hugs me again.
"I told you, you'll get in!" he says and I hummed in response.
He lets me go and looks at me smiling, and then his face turned into a frown. "Why didn't you said anything to me?" He asked with a sad face. And for a moment I felt bad for not telling him, but then I remembered that it was supposed to be a surprise. So I smiled guiltily at him and said, "Sorry Oppa, it was a surprised." "You're lucky I've missed you so much that I can't get mad at you," he said as he puts and arms around me. I laughed at him and put my arm around his torso to get some of his body warm. I was freezing.
Well here is chapter 1, sorry if it's too long and has many spelling errors.... I would love to know if I should keep posting this story, so let me know in the comments ... Oh and if you want to be tagged please let me know bc I have no idea who I should tag. Thanks for reading and have a nice day Chapter 2 IS OUT Chapter 3 part 1 IS OUT
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