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This video and song gave me a very fantasy, majestic and calm vibe altogether. Of course I was a little confused on the concept so I had to look it up. This was someone's explanation on the video that made very much sense from a KPop website so here it is below: Gestapo_with_boba48d, This is my interpretation: All four members are in the same house, however, they're in pairs. Krystal/Victoria & Amber/Luna. Each action has a reaction, and you'll notice butterflies throughout the short film. (Butterfly effect) Amber drops the cup, which causes it to shatter. Without a cup, Krystal pours the water onto the counter, creating a pool on the ground. As a result, the first victim, Victoria, slips on the water and is sent into coma/netherworld. Simulateneously, Luna is walking around the house and steps onto the broken cup. But, we're seeing this occur from the netherworld, that is why we see Luna in the forest, and not in the house. Then, we assume Victoria has made some progress and realizes, in order to get her self out of coma, she must work together with Luna to right some wrongs. We notice Krystal witnessing Victoria handling the tea kettle (which was her own demise), signaling that Victoria is on to her, thus sending Krystal fleeing through the forest. Clearly, something has changed, and that is signaled by the butterfly(effect) we see at 1:57. Next we see Luna suspended in a pit in the forest. This is Luna waiting for the Victoria's signal to emerge from the bath tub (explained later). Then we see Amber with a horse. Because, yknow. Horse. Then Krystal is being chased by Victoria, and she falls into a (water) pit. Causing a bunch of flower petals to rise to the surface. Victoria, already several steps ahead, is waiting to see the petals rise as a signal for her to go under water, bringing Luna back from mid-air suspension to the water tub. Working as a team, Luna runs from the bathtub into the bed to sleep, as to wake up Victoria, so that they may both be simultaneously woken up from their slumber, and run into the kitchen to prevent their blunder caused by Krystal/Amber, respectively.