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Hey do you want yummy Ramen, but you are on a budget? It's easy to cook some yummy Ramen without breaking the bank or if you are living on a college budget or any budget.


I've always loved Asian culture and their food. But kpop continues to push me to learn more. I can say kpop has inspired me to learn how to make Asian food. I can proudly say I know how to make kimchi! We have few Asian markets here where I live, but I try to make the best of what I can get my hands on. Ramen may not be necessarily Korean, but it's yummy!

I went to my local grocery store and went down the Asian American aisle to buy some ramen. Since the Asian Market was closed. Sometimes, the pre package microwave ramen can be meh....not the greatest, so I had to fix it up!

I followed the cooking directions but I added my own twist. Fish sauce, sesame oil, spicy and sweet sauce, pad Tai sauce, black pepper, rice vinger, and tofu. Plus roasted sesame seeds.

This is so yummy!

Sorry I couldn't find pictures for every ingredient.

Have u tired this?

I always add a bunch of stuff to my ramen. I get the cheap ass stuff though haha like the little bricks of it. 12 for like 2 dollars lol ya know, the gourmet ones!
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shin ramyun is really good too. I just add green onions to mine
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I always make a regular pack of maru chan ramen but I add gochujang, a little hot sauce, green onions, spam, one egg (not hard boiled), and white American or sprinkle Colby jack cheese! Best ever ^^ try it out
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No Asian markets where I live. No Korean or Japanese store either. All I have is the Asian sections at the grocery stores and cooking it myself. I have to drive a good distance to get any sort of Asian store.
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No Korean stores near me 😖
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