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So for my high school graduation present and birthday present I get to go to South Korea!!!. But an important part of the trip is a have to plan all things I want to go and do because we need to know how much money to bring. I'm so excited that I really don't know what I should do in the short time.
So I want my vingle family to help me plan the trip and what would be good places to go to with my mommy. She has been before but she wants to make this a like kpop trip. Like places that are seen in variety shows and dramas (her words not mine).
Hopefully there's a concert going on when I go. So help me plan please
That's AMAZING!! Congratulations @SkyRollins you're so lucky!! You should definitely see if there are any cool fan signings while you're there ^.^ It would be sooo amazing to meet your bias in person
congrats. I hope you have fun and see your bias.