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Either CL was always this outgoing or her time in America changed her lol, but her attitude in the video and the dancing was not bad. Others may find it hard to see CL show this much sass since she never shown this much of it in 2ne1. As all artists do, (I'm pretty sure we can all agree) they go through a phase where they want to step out and try different genres or styles of singing and entertainment; maybe CL is doing just that with her own free will (Unless her manager says otherwise).
On a side note, I'm really starring to see this group everywhere now. They are ReQuest Dance Crew. I wish I knew about them sooner or at least recognized them because they really can dance their ass off...sometimes it looks like it hurts lol. The woman in the middle, her name is Parris Goebel. You may have seen her in Big Bang's "Bang Bang Bang" video, but turns out I first seen her in the latest installment of Step Up which Step Up All In. I will now go YouTube this group and I'm sure the rest of you will too ^_^
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