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Oh Jiyong, how I have missed thy beautiful face....
I love GD with orange hair.
God, he's so sexy!
Gimme some more!
Sigh... He's just so damn fine!
Ok, I feel better now.
@KwonOfAKind This was just a quick card I did on lunch at work. I've been so deprived not having internet for the past 3 weeks. I seriously needed to see his beautiful face... And have some Vingle interaction! lol I don't think it's possible to make him less amazing. He doesn't even have to try. He could roll out of bed, hair disheveled, bags under his eyes with serious morning breath and we'd still fangirl. He could walk out of the house wearing a trash bag and we'd all want GD trash bag couture.
yup.....now I need a doctor the amount of Jiyong feels I have is too great!! . . I don't look then him I'm sad ...but if I look at him my heart is just like ajdjajjfal WHAT DO I DO !! lol How do you make GD less amazing !!!
@Helixx I feel you about the Vingle/Jiyong depriveness I can never get enough ♡ . . But honestly I'd wear that trash bag like it was gucci, and would have no shame about it lol
cuteness overload!!
@KwonOfAKind Haha, that trash bag would probably have a Gucci label on it.... cause you know the moment he walked out the door wearing it, all the major fashion houses would be scrambling to partner with him and mass produce it... in limited quantities, of course... lol
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