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I can honestly say that a flannel nighty is the greatest thing to drink in EVER! So obviously I was Mrs. Clause for the annual Santacon, a day when thousands of santas, elves, and reindeer flood the streets and get wasted. And it was super fun... But also kind of over rated.
Now I love a good theme and the pregames with Christmas music blasting and spirits high was an awesome way to spend a Saturday morning. But trying to shove into crowded bars and bouncers on high alert because even the major News channels are reporting about "those damn kids who just want to get drunk" (sorry we're fun and you're old), kind of spoils the mood just a bit. Don't get me wrong, I'll be decked out next year and ready to go but I gotta say, the pregames were a lot more fun then throwing down so much money to get pushed around in an overcrowded bar and have cab drivers refuse to stop for any Santa goers. Seems to me that just doing a tree trimming party will be just as much fun!
Yeah, I can totally feel you. I feel like once it becomes about money and being there for the sake of 'being seen' and the media being there because it's the 'hot thing', it loses its fun lol. That's how going to Coachella used to be for me. I used to go ever year, but eventually, it just got played out.
I'd honestly rather have a tree trimming party with my friends, but I love to meet new people so it's a hard balance...
@nicolejb I'm planning a tree trimming for this weekend !!!!! maybe ill do a card on that and compare..... hahah
@InPlainSight haha HIIIII! Yeah I'm the ginger in the oh so flattering dress lmfao
Hiiiiiii Liz!!!!!! you're awesome!
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