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Apparently I have a thing for Kpop groups with 7 members guys! 馃槀 I just discovered these boys yesterday and I been listening to them on repeat! They remind me of EXO and they are just adorable!
This is their debut song Love Sick.
And this is currently my favorite song by them! I highly recommend listening to them if you haven't yet!
These are they members in order of their pictures! Seunghwan - leader, rapper Yunsung - main vocalist Milo - main rapper Minsung - vocalist Kyle - main vocalist Hyunkyung - visual, vocalist Kangmin - maknae, rapper
This is the video I first saw them in dancing to my favorite songs from my three favorite groups!
Please listen to them and feel free to tag others who might like them in the comments! @Emealia @thePinkPrincess @kieusen @EliseB @tannyboo01 @SugaOnTop @saraortiz2002 @meeshell @B1A4BTS5ever @KellyOConnor @AimeeH@ReynaWithLove@SarahVanDorn@DesireeChucklez
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Milo is my bias right now because he is just adorable. I'll wait until I find out more about them before I make a final decision lol
@SamanthaRae19 You will love them. Their personalities are adorable!
oh wow!!! another new group lol....but they're cute so I'll check them out :)
you should watch the show on the V app they have
I like milk, I found out about them a few months ago and fell in love with milo