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Current day EXO 馃槬 but it was for the best. They are are well and healthy as much as to hate to say they left. Well yep today is a new day and I will be doing an EXO dating door in what flower they would give you :) Kaja~! 1) Pick favorite flower 2) Comment that flower # 3) Wait for results tomorrow!
#1 Sunflower
#2 Bluebell
#3 Passion Flower
#4 Daisy
#5 Tulip
#6 (I forgot name)
#7 ( I forgot name of this too 馃槚馃槀)
#8 Rose
#9 Lily
Alright y'all pic your fav flower and comment below! I'll post results tomorrow so be sure to follow the collection to see who you get tomorrow~!
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6....those are lilacs
Eight, wish a white rose was on her low key tho.
@TaehyungV eight is Kai maybe I'll do flowers sometime soon again and have hire rose ;)