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EXO Dating Doors
Current day EXO 馃槬 but it was for the best. They are are well and healthy as much as to hate to say they left. Well yep today is a new day and I will be doing an EXO dating door in what flower they would give you :) Kaja~! 1) Pick favorite flower 2) Comment that flower # 3) Wait for results tomorrow!
#1 Sunflower
#2 Bluebell
#3 Passion Flower
#4 Daisy
#5 Tulip
#6 (I forgot name)
#7 ( I forgot name of this too 馃槚馃槀)
#8 Rose
#9 Lily
Alright y'all pic your fav flower and comment below! I'll post results tomorrow so be sure to follow the collection to see who you get tomorrow~!
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6....those are lilacs
2 years agoReply
2 years agoReply
Eight, wish a white rose was on her low key tho.
2 years agoReply
@TaehyungV eight is Kai maybe I'll do flowers sometime soon again and have hire rose ;)
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