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this is my first post ever and it's just funny that i ended up here. when all the categories popped up, i was surprised myself that this is the first thing i chose. oh well, i guess all people needs love and relationship. you could say that i'm here to find one, that i'm looking for what they called love, relationship or whatever. but the truth is, i'm just here to understand a little more deeper about it. i'm not new to these kinds of stuff, i'm just here to ask you guys if people like me exist. I loved before, I loved unconditionally and did my best to maintain a good relationship yet why is it that i'm always on the losing side in the end? why does everything about my love and relationship keeps breaking and falling in front of me even i tried so hard to rebuild it over and over? i'm sorry for posting like this, but for those people who had the answer, please lend it to me.
hi @restl3ss. if you tell us that you loved unconditionally, then maybe you still not find a person who can love you back, unconditionally like your family. love need to give and take.. it take time..
It's a complicated question and without specific examples it's unlikely anyone can provide that ONE answer you crave. As such, I will just give you the two thoughts I had while reading your post. The first is that no one is ever guaranteed an easy journey. But the harder the journey the stronger and wiser you will become. Rather then look at these times as "what's wrong with me", try focusing in what you learned from each experience. Maybe you will find the answers you seek are already there. The second was just a motto I wish I had lived by more in my youth. The only true failure come from the not trying. As Ally said above, keep trying your post gives the impression that you have reached an end. You have not, only a temporary road block, keep trying and moving forward.
@restl3ss Welcome to the community!! :) I'm Alli, nice to meet you :) I don't know if we have ALL the answers here, but we certainly make it our business to try and find them together! People like you definitely exist... in fact, I'm one of them. I've been in love and tried to make things work, but some relationships just aren't meant to work out. I left that guy, and it was the best decision I've ever made – because now I'm with someone who loves me for who I am and treats me like a princess!! I've fallen in and out of love many times, but bottom line is you always have to keep your hopes up and your friends close – and keep looking. Keep taking chances. Don't be afraid to love. We're all in it together here, so I'd say you picked the perfect community :) I post a lot here, Love and Relationship (or L&R as I often call it) is my favorite community on Vingle. I'll start tagging you in some of our community cards if you want! :) And this is an awesome first card so keep posting your questions! :D I've noticed if you add an image people are more likely to click on it and like it and stuff. So glad to have you @restl3ss! :D
I think we are all seeking someone to love us unconditionally. But if it helps, you aren't alone:)