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@SarahRoot Yeah when I was watching the series I watch about 5 episodes a day, it's not much but I had others that I was watching as well, since I'm not as busy I can probably binge the whole show lol yeah, I think it's one of my top 10 shows, reason being I saw that it was one of the most gruesome anime, so I had to watch it. I haven't read the manga, is it the same?
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (When the Cicadas Cry/ When they Cry) is the name of the anime(&manga), which only follows the main story. For the manga however, in addition to the main story, there are arcs that branches from it. The main storyline is what's called the "question arc" and what I (unknowingly) started out reading is what is referred to as the "answer arc." But of course within both arcs, exist "mini" separate series which pertains to the main story and its overlying theme. Those focus on individual characters from their POV, ±. Within that story, the POV will probably shift characters. confusing af.
Yeah, I understood some of the things that were happening, it wasn't until way later, I was like... 'Ohhh that's why...' and ' that's why they're not dead!!' it's an interesting way to tell an anime I tell you what. It sure had me on the edge of my bed, plus the gore is awsome sauce. I wish there was more lol my favorite scene was when Rika stabs herself in the head to death, brutal.
Wow!!! She was AWESOME with that machete!!! And the way she beat that woman to death with that pole?!!?! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!
@MRxIshimon, I haven't seen the anime yet cuz I want to go through all the manga arcs first. I like Rika