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This is caused by a hysterectomy. The doctor missed an artery in her arm and pumped her arm full of fluids that clotted and caused the death of her pinkie, half her thumb, two knuckles of her index fingers, lots of organ damage including brain damage(memory loss, dizziness, fatigue) and other issues, like diabetes, hair loose, pancreatic assist, and finally money. She was in a coma for three days and in ICU for two weeks, then spent three months in various parts of the hospital. the doctor that did this got promoted to a higher class hospital, and married to my kindergarten teacher and had the heart to shake my hand and smile at me after knowing his done this to my mother. My question for you people, is that do you think it's unreasonable to ask for the medical bills to be payed for by him? That's all we want. Him to apologize, admit his failure, and pay back the medical bills. Is that so bad?
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Kill him