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Art meets fashion in Miami.

If you're not familiar with Art Basel, it's a few days where artists showcase their work over the course of a few days. This amazing weekend of art takes place in both Miami and Hong Kong. Two weeks ago the festivities took place in Miami, as it does every December.
Not only did they show off their amazing art skills, but several people filled the streets and galleries showcasing their trendy and fashionable sense of style. Keep scrolling to see street style, Art Basel style that would put the Mona Lisa to shame.
Talk about fashion overload.

What is your favorite look from Art Basel?

A lot of these looks are definitely Miami-centric! I really like the floral pattern dress with the boots. And I also like the long sleeved crop top. Which is your favorite jordannnn!?
I'm with you! I am feeling the dress with boots, but of course I'm a jumpsuit kinda girl all day so of course the first image is my favorite! Absolutely love it! And the third image from the bottom, that dress is everything! @alywoah