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The New Year is right around the corner and that means change is coming. Thinking of trying a new style for the new year -- possibly going short? This soft yet edgy short cut embodies big waves and it's simple yet chic. Do you have it in you? Check out the video below and see if this short edgy cut might be the one for you.

Would you go short on a whim?

I mean it is just hair -- right?
Would totally go short on a whim. I've done it before, but I actually hated it lol. Not because it didnt look good though. Short hair requires more upkeep and I hate doing my hair so naturally it just didn't work out for me.
You're so right about that! Keeping your hair in tip top shape is the only con to short hair. You definitely have to be dedicated @BluBear07
I have probably had all short hair styles! But,with a little body makes a better presentation is better to me than burning your hair with irons and spray. . lol! This style just wasn't for me to try,it is easier to get by using hot rollers and hairspray. o do believe in using a Water Soluble Spray so I can redo my hair if I want to touch up etc. and you can still run fingers or comb thru it, or when u get caught on rain or ready to wash your hair doesn't mold together not being able to move it.