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There are always going to be people who tell you that your dreams/aspirations/goals are ridiculous or unattainable, or even impossible; well, they're irrelevant to your life, one of my favorite songs is "Rock The World" by Chad Future (@chadfuture on Twitter) and one line in the chorus of that song is "welcome all the haters" I know, I said that they were irrelevant, and that quote completely contradicts that, but you can still learn something from them: They're jealous! Sounds crazy right? But its totally true! Let's say, for example, that you love to sing and someone says "oh be realistic, you'll never get anywhere with it" chances are that they aspired to the same thing but either failed or were too scared to try. So they're small insignificant people with inferiority complexes who just want to bring you down to their level....or in most cases, lower just to feel better about themselves. I've heard that about my writing from some family members, and it can be like a slap in the face, there was a time when I wanted to give up. But instead I took what I had to work with me and 10 unbiased opinions were that it was good and I should keep working on it, so I listened to them, made me a whole lot more confident, so find the supporters and always believe them, and in no time you'll believe in your own talent too!