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Welcome to High School Week!

Be each other's cheerleaders at sports matches,

Get awkwardly cozy on a crowded school bus,

"flirt" at the lunch table,

Bond over studying,

Sneak up on each other during passing period,

Fall in love at first sight in the hallway,

Be as annoying as possible to each other,

Get detention with each other,

and make sure no one else goes near your crush!

But really, screw high school crushes.

Friends are the best!

Do you have any funny high school crush stories?!

so my high school crush was named Tim and he was of half Asian descent..into blink 182, played guitar, had to dye for voice and was funny but man his smile got me every time because it was rare. so I sat next to him in like 3 classes. we talked laugh. every year. Junior year we got really close. I was two months older than him but I was one of the few people who could make him laugh and smile. we had a lot of the same music and movie taste. so for his 17th birthday I mad him a coupon book. one for a rated r movie since we where both at the age we could see one, one for just the movies, one for helping him with the English paper. so he decided to use the coupon for the movies that weekend but my sister ran away and I had to reschedule our friend thing. well I thought he meant as friends. our reschedule date happened on valentine's day. my grandpa had to drive us because neither of had a vwhicle. my baby sister came along. the whole neighborhood said before I left that it was a date beacuse we where going on valentine's day. so we pick him up and my grandpa saw his rabnit. Tim comes into the van and my grandpa makes the comment because he's of Asian descent if he was growing the rabbit to eat. the horror on his face as he said that's my pet rabbit stu..I almost died of embarrassment but then my baby sister chimes in is this a date or friend thing. I went read even more. he was this is our first date which u hope will be many more. like I about died. we get out and go see 50 first dates. no lie. Ok so we watch the movie and share popcorn. then he holds my hand and then like he smiled at me and I was dead..but we watched the movie until the end. we both discussed at the end how he wanted to learn that song and sing it with me and to me... well that Monday at school an under class men came up to me and said she was dating Tim and didn't I know that. I asked Tim and he said no he wasn't dating her they where just talking and friends. well I was overweight and had a class with that gitl, french class and I just didn't even want to bother with her. so Tim I remained friends the rest of the year not really hanging out. then comes senior year and we start talking again. but i still had a slight crush. then senior clasd trip night we go to Disney world. I sit on the bus with our mutual best friend David. we arrive their and meet up with his girlfriend from another school and some more kids from our school and Tim comes up and grabs my hand and says Veronica my buddy for the night. which made all the girls glare daggers at me. we went on space mountain together. we did the haunted mansion ride where he did not let go of my hand one time. he hugged me and smiled at me. then we went on the boat that had bubbles and he took off his shirt because it was wet and I about fainted at his abs which made him laugh as he changed into another shirt. then we went and watched Yellowcard perform. where I got the drumsticks and guitar puck from the drummer and lead singer. still we didn't date but it was most forward to three weeks later at prom and he slow dances with me three times and then kisses me on the cheek. a week later at grad rehearsal he takes me by the hand to the river and kisses me full on the lips. I about die he asked to date that summer but I sadly had to tell him that I was leaving a week later to ohio. we remain friends but lost contact. then about four years ago while I was living still in Ohio we connected through Facebook and found out he lived a town over with b is wife and baby and ever since we are still friends and he has the cutest kid besides mybown. we both laugh of our misconnections in high school but happy we had our memories
Umm 😶, Let's not talk about those haha Let's just say I embarrassed myself way too much... haha
Not me. My sister turned him down and I met the love of my life in college. Been married 10 years! So just because you have a bad experience doesn't mean it will last a lifetime.
I had a crush on the same guy from 6th grade until after I graduated. He was my best friend. I fell in love with him. We spent all our time together. then I confessed he told me he liked my younger sister. Needless to say we stopped being friends.
@netchtiBates @Adetoro you guys get me😂
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