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I think this group is the only group I really love. BTS seems like they are not afraid to show there flaws and they just act themselves when there is a camera on them. I wish I could spend one day with them even if my day is bad they can make it better. I can listen to a song and be happy. I can watch them dance and be happy I can just watch a video the fans put together and my day would made.. I like other kpop groups but BTS is the only group who could trun my day from zero to real quick. I don't care if they are over rated I live them and I'm happy with all the flaws that they make because they are human and they make me happy.
@sarangseoltang I know 馃槶馃槶馃槶 the struggle haha
Yes! BTS ALWAYS gets my day started. I listen to their music from the moment i wake up to go to work, until i get off. I come home and i will watch Bangtan bombs just to laugh a little with their silliness and goofy selves.. I love to watch them do the most weird yet hilarious things. I also love other k-pop groups.. But not like BTS.. They are my very top bias group..
@Midajah1998 LOL same XD My bias has always been V , But Suga has been slowly killing me , and Jimin is just too perfect *cries* LOL
@sarangseoltang my bias is Jungkook but I honestly don't know anymore I like all of them now haha
BTS has never failed to make me laugh , and I seriously love how they don't really care about their image. It just makes them even more lovable <3 ~Who's your bias from the group??