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"Mona I'm not gonna lie that interview was a disaster! "jack said . "I should of never done that interview"I said . Jack stood looking at me and said" at least you walking off meant that they couldn't air any of it then ,aomg, big hit, and yg would have been in trouble." "jack she wasn't right about anything! she was making stuff up,I gave up trying to tell her. " (I tried to get my self out of things but I was digging myself deeper. ) "Mona you lied about dating mino and marrying loco"Jack said angrily "now you could of been honest and said that loco got you out of a dark place after all he was minah's cousin. and if that's you being sarcastic then you lost touch." Kara our guitarist came in to eavesdrop and couldn't help but chime in" yea but mona's not in love with mino like she is loco". Jack looked at her and saw Megan our bassist and soohyuna our drummer. "well since the gangs all here tomorrow we're all going to aomg and yg entertainment since big hit has been dealt with. " in unison a whiny "why!!!" filled the room with a grimace at me Kara said "is it cause we have to talk our way out of mona's blunder? " jack said calmly " more like explain that mona's anger and sarcasm got bunched up and she agreed and encouraged the interviewer's delusions. " Megan my true bestie said" everyone needs to chill aomg is full of hotties and my eyes do love lookin!" all of us gave a laugh but Kara wasn't impressed until Megan said" ugly duck is there making an album with cha cha I bet" Jack finally chimed in with a" Mona you're grounded and you three tomorrow don't touch anything! "lecture . then he sent us all out and he said to me again" maybe you should stay out of the lime light a little longer." soohyuna said" just relax everyone knows how chill aomg is they''re gonna laugh it off. " I gave an uneasy chuckle. the next day we showed up at aomg, the office we walked into was a decent size. sitting behind a desk was a man looking irritated I noticed immediately that it was Simon d and on the couch looking just as serious was jay park. my stomach fell and I didn't want to move another step. before we could greet them jay said" loco's on his way in ,but you fucked up big time" I looked up to see him eyeing me like gum on the bottom of his shoe...... to be continued. ....