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Hogwarts pt 4 (Hufflepuff)

Hey guys! I finally found the last picture in the Hogwarts thing with EXO and I'm so happy because this is my favorite house in Hogwarts. I am a proud member of hufflepuff and I'm so happy to find out these people or apart of my fellow hufflepuff house..... Sorry. I'm nerding out a lot lately. but anyways here they are. Enjoy!
First up Suho Suho is an all around nice person. He's always taking care of the other guys in the group no matter what it takes. In my opinion though, he seems more like a Ravenclaw. I only say this because he is very smart and creative as well as nice and supportive. He's a little corky too but that's why we love him ♡
Next is our wonderful unicorn, Lay. Lay is absolutely, 100℅ Hufflepuff. Even though sometimes he can get confused, he is always smiling and supporting the other members. If you dont believe me, you csn watch their comeback stage that was on the V app. The moment he started to cry showed just how much it hurt him to even think he let his friends down. He's so sweet and darling.
Last, XIUMIN First, I am really exicted because Xiumin is one of my favorites so don't judge my excitment. Okay so even thought Xiumin doesn't say much, it's clear that he is a Hufflepuff. He always trys to help out his band members by making them smile or giving them a hug once in a while. He brings joy to his little brothers with just a smile. I don't kniw for sure, but I dont think he would give up his band, friends , or life for anything better because he's living his dream.
That's the end folks! I got thru all of the members, and all of the houses. I know my reasonings were kind off thou. Do you agree with what I said? Comment what you think. I think next I'm gonna try and do either another band or another movie. Divergent? Got7? Ohhh!!! What if I did EXO in Star Wars?!? I would have Lightsaber stuck in my head for weeks. Anyways.... Bye. And sorry for all the nerd moments.
omg totally suho!!! i loved all of these thank you for finding them!!!!!
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