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This pic make no sense to me. If that not taetae, then who is he?? Cuz I'm pretty sure, that hottie in that pic is my taetae. Either I'm wrong, or that pic is correct. If it is correct, then who is he??馃槓馃槓馃槓馃樁馃樁馃樁
@nancyMnguyen He is Vietnamese , the thing is that he only looks like V in the picture. If you look up pictures of him , he don't really look like V at all.
It's not Taehyung, I know that much. I'm pretty sure it might be Aaron Yan but I'm not too sure.
The fact he is shirtless and appears to be in his boxers should be reason enough to not think it's Taehyung. At least I think so anyway. But aside from that his face in this picture really does look a lot like him.
@DestineeLiu @sarangseoltang So...he Chinese or Vietnamese??
He is a Vietnamese guy named , Vjc ichi
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