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FOOD WAR! Soma (Food Wars) vs. Sanji (One Piece) Sanji has the experience but Soma is a fantastic cook. I have to go with Soma on this one. Comment your vote! If you want, you can make your own food war between any cook (anime or cartoon) plz add it to the collection Food Wars.
great competition, but I'd give this to sanji. strictly because sanji isn't on a journey to be a better chef he's already there. Soma, is still learning and though he's trying to be better than his father, his father is only 2nd best
Soma can give people foodgasms. All I need to say.
Sanji, he never has disgusting recipes and will kick anyone's ass who disrespects his food.
nah soma would win. like if you read the manga of food wars in just a few episodes after it left off in the anime he learns so much and gets a lot if hands on experience. it would be a good fight but souma would win
@JoshCorbett Yeah but dude Sanji falls in love with every girl he sees and only uses the freshest ingredients and best recipes for women.
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