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Welcome to Romance Week!

K-Dramas are filled with gift giving and all that gross couple-stuff, but would you actually want any of these in real life?!

1. A Make Over

Uh, in my opinion this is a pretty crappy gift lol. Sure, send me to the spa for a relaxing day or let me pick out some awesome new clothes but a head to toe makeover makes me feel like there is something wrong with me :(

2. A Hand-Made Stuffed Animal

Okay this is a major winner. Handmade gift + super cute stuffed animal = YES, A THOUSAND GOLD STARS FOR YOU.

3. Coupons

A little bit on the lame scale, but "one free favor" is never a bad thing to have ;D

4. A Wallet with Your Significant Other's Face

This seems a little creepy but its pretty okay with me. If my significant other gave me a wallet with Lee Minho's face in it? Now we're talking!

5. Necklace (Masters Sun)

Jewelry is a pretty safe bet but not if they make you so scared to lose the necklace that you crawl around in the snow for hours looking for it *cough boys over flowers cough*

6. Your significant other to pop out of thin air and sweep you off your feet.


7. A Puppy

Seo In Guk are you KIDDING me?! How irresponsible are you? I don't care if that puppy looks like you and you think its adorable, but getting a high school student a puppy without asking them if they have time to care for it first is a big no-no. *rant-over* *i still love you seo in guk*

What other K-drama gifts would you love/hate this Christmas?!

Neckles!! I love small cute neckleses!
#6 definitely! And after he's swept me off my feet we'll go on a great date: Eat yummy food, go shopping, and then a romantic walk somewhere beautiful (sigh) OH! SORRY! Guess I got carried away. .:-D
damn it. um um idk lol. 3 or 6
6 & 7 😍😍😍😍
5 6 and ... 7 is the best lol
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