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For those of you who also grew up on the cartoon 'Johnny Bravo', I bring you this timely Hunger Games meme.
And for those of you who were not blessed with such wonderfulness in your life, I bring you this picture of Johnny Bravo, so you can get this joke.
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@briandiana11 LMAO That's true. I feel like he wouldn't last IRL.
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馃槺馃槻NOOOOOOOOOOO! @danidee 馃憡馃槨Y U DO DIS, DAN! 馃槩I can report you for brainrape, ya know.馃槀 馃槚My brain...the pain... 馃槶Not a game...ain't the same... 馃槬All I can do is eat Lo Mein.......馃槶馃槶馃槶
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@Rockron97 Damn, that was like an 8 Mile-style rap verse, homie.
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Coincidence? I think Not!
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oh...! cause I thought it was something dirty... my bad
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