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Pick A Side!

Were you team Pokemon or team Digimon growing up??
I love both. "original versions of course"
aww thanks, my friends were happy to stick up for me though so no worries :)
Pokémon all the way!
I enjoyed both but the story for digimon was better written. I mean who lets a 10 year old loose in the world with almost no life skills, tells them to travel to collect dangerous wild animals, and acts like there is nothing to worry about? In Digimon, the families of the children had a real reaction and the children discovered who they were as people as they struggled to find their way home from a situation they never wanted to be in. Compare that to a kid with obvious ADHD spazzing out over wild animal every 5 minutes, who 15 years later hasn't aged and hasn't learned jack about who he is as a person...... Plus Digimon sold actual digivices that gave you a random digimon. You could trade, battle, and raise your digimon. They made their toys better. We still see mostly crap toys from pokemon...
Definitely Pokemon. Was never very into digimon.
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