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In the style of a truly diehard 'Star Wars' fan, a Ukrainian man had his name legally changed to 'Darth Mykolaiovych Vader' and immediately fell into character, running for mayor of his hometown - a port city named Odessa - with intentions of bringing it to the 'Dark Side'.
It has become common among locals to find Lord Vader living his life in full costume, walking his dogs, riding the city bus, even shopping for groceries with his equally costumed friends - fellow 'Star Wars' addicts dressed up as Chewbacca and a Stormtrooper.
Chewbacca, however, has proved to be quite a bad boy, having made the local papers after being arrested for not only having proper documents when he went to go vote for Darth in the mayoral elections, but not having car registration when he was pulled over later that day. (Hey, they call them the 'Rebel' Alliance for a reason!)
Darth may have lost the Odessa city election, but it doesn't make the city any less aligned with the Dark Side. When the town's statue of Lenin was toppled back in October, a local artist, Alexander Milov, replaced the figure with Vader himself.
Despite the loss, Darth has assured the local media that this was not the last you would see of him, as he intends on continuing to work toward obtaining a top government position. In the meantime, he's just doing what he loves - sewing, working on home improvement projects, and taking his kids' golden retriever out for its morning walk.

Would you have voted for Ukrainian Darth? Do you think his kids are named Luke and Leia? How about the dog?

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Mine too @RpgSlayer what a badass mayor!! XD
wtf is right
He has my vote
Lol what were his politics like? If they were anything like movie Vader I def wouldn't have voted for him. And since Disney owns the character I feel like they would have had some things to say about this....
I am your father! I'm your father, too. All of you, I am your father. This pole, I am it's father.
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