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A fancy thought plotting it's course through your mind; it makes you feel
a different feeling.

Something heavy;
in certain minutes of time, something you've
felt before.

will you find it again. Feel it's imprint. No one knows for sure. So

you advance. Lest you delay and forget it's beauty; forget what held you there, kept it together. And

you negotiate your way through the
dark; bartering for more light,
as if love's finality only ever had one chance,

you broker a deal with the wind merchant; setting sail East,
into the land of broken clocks, and

you hunt through a forest of lost minutes in a forgotten world of undying flowers,
for that one feeling; unshakable.

Author Notes
UNSHAKABLE ~ D James Breaux

I really really enjoy making references to different pieces within a body of work, as in UNSHAKABLE, on line 17 we "set sail East" and if you go read "East", which symbolizes an altered state of desolation ~ where characteristics consistent with personality are attributed to location > > you can sense a connection to the same set of feelings & similar emotions and imagery coming from "Unshakable" ~ Additionally, we have a reference to "broken clocks" also taken from East, and somewhere else, I just can't remember where ~ It's fun, kind of like a recurring theme that links random pieces together in a to be continued sort of way. So then the two become intertwined in a way that makes certain space time references almost seem like they actually exist, with personality traits even given to them sometimes ~ that is ~ if you stretch your imagination a little, or maybe a lot.

As always, Thank You, for so graciously giving of your time to read my work ~ D
I just love your work. Really it's so refreshing!
Pretty good deal then, because I totally dig your music =D & writing too Rock on sister
Right on sister, thanks man. Probably go thru a few dozen more edits & end up with a totally different piece. It's an incurable obsession.
This is really cool :D